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avatar" Luke isn't only a tutor, he is a role model and mentor. I look to Luke first for help in becoming a strong young adult, second for help in math and accelerate in all my classes. He is a friend, not a tutor"
Grade Level: Sophomore
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 5 years, biology, conceptual physics: mainly chemistry and physics.
GPAA: 3.9
School Attended:  St Margaret's episcopal school
College Accepted: N/A

Sam Tedori

avatar"Working with Luke has been such a great experience because not only have I found amazing academic assistance, but I've also found an all around mentor who I feel comfortable talking to about anything."

Grade Level: 11th grade
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 2 years, alg 2, precalc, calc, chem, bio, ap environmental
GPAA: 3.9
School Attended: Sage Hill school
College Accepted: N/A

Sydney J.

avatar"I don't know what I will do next year without Luke. He explains things clearly and makes it easy to learn the concepts. Ever since I started working with Luke, I have always felt prepared for tests and like I know the material inside and out."
Grade Level: 12th grade
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 3 1/2 years, geometry honors, algebra 2, pre-calc, AP statistics
GPAA: 4.2
School Attended: St. Margaret's Episcopal School
College Accepted: Wake Forest University

Sam L

avatar“Luke was instrumental in my success. He was my only tutor and he was great. Even today I consider Luke a friend, a mentor, and a confidant.”

Grade Level: Sophomore in College
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 3 years, Pre Calculus, ACT, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, ACT
GPAA: 4.38
School Attended: Corona Del Mar
College Accepted: Harvard College

Michael E.

avatar“Luke helped me through both math and science with great tutoring sessions and positive reinforcement”

Grade Level: Junior
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 3 years, Alebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig
GPAA: 3.9
School Attended: Corona Del Mar High School
College Accepted: N/A

Jack Harris

avatar“Luke has a way of explaining things that make difficult subjects easy. I had a B in Pre Calculus first semester and then I started working with Luke and earned As in my remaining math courses. I recommend him to anyone”
Grade Level: Junior in college
Years and Subjects Worked Together: 2.5 years, Pre Calc, AP Calculus AB and BC
GPAA: 4.16
School Attended: Sage Hill School
College Accepted: Stanford University

Casey B.